What should you pack?

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Dress code

We will be in the nature all week long, whether on the land or the waves of Balaton, therefore we should dress for these circumstances.

What you should definitely pack:

  • sunglasses
  • suncream
  • baseball cap
  • boardshorts
  • towel
  • slippers
  • sneakers (possible linen – something that dries quickly)
  • changing clothes
  • favorite drink
  • warm clothes (even if the weather is warm)

What you should not bring:

  • expensive electronic gadgets
    • tablet
    • laptop
  • camera (we will have that)
  • pets (we know dogs, cats, hamsters are cute, but they won’t enjoy sailing)
  • sweets you don’t want to share
  • tiny things that can be easily lost
  • unfloatable keys