Daily schedule

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Daily schedule of Catamaran School

  • The camp starts at 8.00AM
    • 8.00 gymnastics
    • 8.30 education
    • 9.00 breakfast
    • 9.30 sailing session
    • 12.30 lunch
    • 13.30 education
    • 14.30 sailing session
    • 16.00 snack, assessment of the day
  • The camp closes at 5.00PM

 Please, bring your children to the port at 7.30AM, 30 minutes before the camp starts. You can take your children home after 30 minutes of closing the camp, at 5.30PM.

Our camps are mainly day-care camps, but if a group (min. 6 children) would like to stay also for the nights, we can arrange overnight camps also with dinner in the evenings. The accomodation can be on boats or at houses. For more details, please, contact us.