BBIS – EXCURSION – Second DAY 5 June 2019

BBIS – EXCURSION – Second DAY 5 June 2019

BBIS – EXCURSION – Second DAY 5 June 2019 1540 1024 Katamarán Suli

On the second day the Balaton showed us its stormy face, however we were able to sail in the morning. Our kids were excited when they arrived to the club at 9. In the morning we were talking through what we learnt yesterday, prepared the boats for sailing and we went on the water. The guys discovered how to sail a bigger boat (laser bahia) in a team. Zsolt, Gabo and Marci were our coach today.

After this session we had to run to the restaurant, because everyone was hungry. Today we had tomatosoup and farfel with meat. Every plate was empty in seconds.

After lunch we had to stay inside because of the stormy weather. First we played and later we visited the nautical museum close to the club. Here the kids learnt how to tie some of the most important knots and had more fun on the outdoor playground of the museum. The weather didn’t change so we figured out a gift tour for the kids on the water and we went out from the port with 3 motorboats. The kids really enjoyed this part of the day. At the end we made our daily feedback

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