BBIS – EXCURSION – Third Day 6 June 2019

BBIS – EXCURSION – Third Day 6 June 2019

BBIS – EXCURSION – Third Day 6 June 2019 1541 1024 Katamarán Suli

We woke up today for a little bit unstable weather conditions, but we were really lucky today because all the storms avoided us. So after a short discuss we could go to sail. Today we sailed with the Catamaran School boats called Topaz 12. We had the wind coming from the southeast just like yesterday. Todays goal was to learn how to handle a catamaran so first we taught the kids the basics of the catamaran ashore and later we went to the water.

Since the wind was light we could sail all the 4 boats. They really enjoyed the speed and the waves.

For lunch today we had ragout soup and ricepudding with jam.

At the afternoon the weather calmed down but we were able to sail again for a while. So after lunch we picked up our sailing stuff (swimsuits, lifejacket) and helped to rig up all the boats. Now everybody knows the main parts of the catamaran. All the 4 boats went to the water and after some little help every exercise went pretty well. After the wind stopped we started to swim in the lake, played a lot with balls A brave team tried how to capsize and recover the catamaran.  After more than two hours on water we covered all the boats on shore and we made our dailiy feedback.

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