Katamaran School BBIS Camp, First Day

Katamaran School BBIS Camp, First Day

Katamaran School BBIS Camp, First Day 2000 1210 Katamarán Suli

Catamaran School BBIS Camp, First Day
Rainy Start

The day has arrived – Catamaran School opened its camp season in Balatonalmádi, at the Team Kaáli marina. This week, students from the Budapest British International School embarked on nature-oriented adventures.

After the morning arrival, we followed our usual practice of getting to know each other, the instructors, and the marina. We also clarified everyone’s experience with water activities, whether swimming or sailing. After the introductions, we had a fruity mid-morning snack, followed by fitting our clothes, all while it rained several times. To ensure everyone’s safety, each child had to wear a life jacket and helmet appropriate for their size while on the small catamarans. Fortunately, this process went smoothly, allowing us to proceed with the swimming test. At Catamaran School, we do not take to the water until we have thoroughly checked the abilities of our weekly students. We swam in the waves first with life jackets and helmets, then without them. The exercise was very successful, and we moved on to a well-deserved inflatable animal battle. As usual, no one remained dry.

For lunch, we had bone broth soup accompanied by layered green beans, and unsurprisingly, the soup was the bigger hit. In the afternoon, the weather cleared up a bit, and we seized the opportunity to get on the water. We started getting familiar with the Topaz 16 catamarans, initially using paddles. As a closing activity, our skilled students participated in a reed-hunting motorboat tour.

Continuation on Tuesday, hopefully with less autumn-like weather conditions.

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