Katamaran School BBIS Camp, Second Day

Katamaran School BBIS Camp, Second Day

Katamaran School BBIS Camp, Second Day 2000 1330 Katamarán Suli

We woke up to another rainy, gloomy day, but the weather forecast brought promising news. In this spirit, the students from the Budapest British International School arrived at the marina in appropriate water gear.

After yesterday’s excellent rowing basics, today’s program included sailing. We reviewed the related theory, then practiced the tasks live on the mini catamarans. By popular demand, we even practiced capsizing – thanks to Lovi.

By the time the teams got on the water, the sun came out, and we could take our first sailing steps in a pleasant, brisk north wind. The young ones skillfully applied what they had learned, giving the residents of Balatonalmádi a great show of sailing speed. We reached the shore just in time for lunch, of course with some splashing in the marina.

Today’s first course was Jókai bean soup, followed by brassó-styled roast with french fries. Both items on today’s menu were a big hit, and our students devoured them.

After a quick quiet rest, we returned to the waves of Lake Balaton for some real fun. In the sparkling sunshine, the only sounds louder than the children’s chatter on the mini catamarans were the teachers’ shrieks from the motorboat. But, of course, all good things come to an end.

We sailed out, swam a bit with the inflatable animals, then, after some watermelon, we evaluated today’s adventures as well.

It was a truly splendid Tuesday.

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