Katamaran School BBIS Camp, Third Day

Katamaran School BBIS Camp, Third Day

Katamaran School BBIS Camp, Third Day 2000 1206 Katamarán Suli

If we hadn’t experienced it ourselves, we might not believe it – yesterday we were enthusiastically splashing in Lake Balaton, and today we were shivering on the shore. It was a chilly morning, barely 20 degrees, while the water temperature was 24 degrees. Because of this, the first exercises found us on the shore.

We reviewed the basic knots, and then everyone demonstrated their newly acquired skills with their own colorful rope. Successful exercises were rewarded with a custom-made Katamaran School bracelet from Judy’s Rope, which the accompanying teachers also earned. Meanwhile, the temperature didn’t rise, but at least the wind picked up. Despite the cool weather, the students of the Budapest British International School were made of tough stuff. To our greatest surprise, despite the chilly weather, everyone voted to go sailing. Well, some chose the motorboat, but most of the kids planned today’s adventure on the mini catamarans. So, out came the neoprene suits, windbreakers, and well-packed provisions, and we set sail.

We reduced the sail area on the Topaz 16 catamarans since, despite having multiple people on board, the weight of the young ones was modest compared to the wind strength. Until lunch arrived, we raced in front of the marina, and the braver ones could even go for a little tour, with a capsizing reward. Naturally, the change of clothes was quick before the lunch break. Today’s menu started with goulash soup and ended with stuffed chicken breast with rice and peas – it was all good, we devoured it.

In the afternoon, all we had left to do was the evaluation, packing up, and the customary award ceremony at Katamaran School, of course with a „jumping photo.” We had a very determined international team this year, with excellent accompanying teachers. Thank you for your trust, and we hope to see you again this summer.

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